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In the north of the island of Palawan, southwest of the Philippines, the ordinary thing of the metropolis of El Nido highlights the contrast among the mundane and the sublime. El Nido, a small village north of Palawan, Philippines, is one of the most popular visitor locations inside the global in the mean time.

A popular destination for the reason that 2007 version of the Koh Lanta TV display came about there, El Nido is frequently a subject for reports with frequently typified titles “they have left the whole lot to stay on a paradise island”.

Palawan Island is located inside the southwestern part of the Philippines archipelago, and is one of the maximum famous islands for travelers and expatriates due to its very first-rate weather (the island is sheltered from typhoons) and the truth that its populace may be very welcoming, making its visit safe.

White sandy seashores, coconut fingers, sun and idleness are the important substances for a successful vacation. When you come to Palawan, you may’t pass incorrect!

Created in 2013 following a stunning adventure, the elnidotourism.com website objectives to introduce El Nido and Palawan to Internet customers, to accompany vacationers in search of journey through providing them maximum advice and revealing some suitable suggestions simplest acknowledged to the locals, and is a worldwide portal additionally allowing investment and aid for applicants for expatriation.The quality vacation spot inside the international in 2019?

In December 2007, National Geographic decided on Palawan and mainly El Nido as one of the excellent locations inside the global. That’s all said and performed.

In 2019, many magazines as compared El Nido to Bali several decades in the past, saying that it’s time to visit this far flung corner of the sector so attractive and nevertheless wild.

Do you want to recognise why you have to spend your holidays here? So take a look at this video…Beaches and paradise islands that never give up

We often handiest speak about the town of El Nido, but it’s far greater usually about the island of Palawan that we need to communicate approximately in your unforgettable vacation within the Philippines. Palawan is complete of white sandy seashores, every more beautiful than the following, in addition to paradise islands to go to by means of boat, around which you may dive, snorkel, rise up paddle or kayak. To you the dream landscapes and the turquoise water.

Places now not to be neglected include Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Port Barton, Las Cabanas Beach, Nacpan Beach and Miniloc Island.

A small cocktail along with your ft in the sand to respect the sunset is also one of the magical alternatives provided through the vacation spot.

Uncommon diving and snorkeling web sites

El Nido, and the Bacuit archipelago facing it, is one of the fine locations in the world to take within the view above, however also under, sea stage. Open your eyes extensive, you’ll find it tough to believe the whole thing you’re about to peer here. As diving schools are not missing, greater than simply diving, you can take benefit of your experience to Asia to learn scuba diving and skip your PADI.Thesides of El Nido and Palawan

The island of Palawan, and mainly the village of El Nido, offers extraordinary aspects to travelers in step with their goals and monetary approach.     – On the only hand, El Nido can be a vacation spot for “backpackers”, who can live in a small guesthouse at a moderate fee, and eat for a low fee. They will particularly select to arrive via Puerto Princesa by bus.     – On the other hand, the islands placed inside the Bacuit archipelago contrary El Nido, are partly private and home to luxury lodge complexes (accommodations), whose access is reserved for a well-off, even certainly wealthy shoppers. These customers will possibly pick AirSwift’s small plane coming back from Manila without delay to El Nido Airport. Room tenants in accommodations positioned within the bay are a priority for AirSwift. Finally, the rental of a personal villa is likewise an attractive opportunity for a dream stay.

In brief, you could sleep in Palawan for a price range between 10 USD and greater than 1,000 USD consistent with night time. The preference is yours!We prepare your holidays

For a dream journey, a hundred% tailored, we offer you our neighborhood journey agent service. Contact us by way of explaining the way you see your live, and we will make you itinerary proposals and turnkey offers.

If you want to prepare your journey to Palawan alone, we have organized many information sections among which you’ll discover information and picks to help you: your visa, your vaccinations, your delivery, your lodging, your activities, your night time outings.Where to stay?

El Nido gives a varied accommodation offer, from guesthouse rooms to luxurious resort. You can live in a inn within the middle of El Nido, have a small bungalow on a beach, or live in a personal motel on a dream island such as Miniloc Island.

A famous vacation spot, it’s miles advocated to e book your lodging in Palawan in advance, in case you don’t want to need to sleep to your hammock on the seashore!Find a flight for the Philippines

Whether you’re getting back from United States or some other u . s . a ., the number one forestall to get to El Nido Palawan is to find a flight to Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Once this step is finished, you will then should comply with our advice to get to El Nido, whether or not you arrive with the aid of Puerto Princesa, Coron, or the town airport (no direct worldwide flights).Elnidotourism.com lets you installation and make investments. A destination supplying many funding possibilities

You’ve been thinking about giving up everything for a long term to return and settle within the sun inside the Asian tropics, are you ready to make the leap?

In addition to being a vacation guide for vacationers, our website intends to increase to offer many services to expatriates and traders. Our settlement support provider permits you to interrupt the barrier of language, way of life and administrative variations with the aid of being observed by way of carrier carriers who speak your language, and who’re familiar with the law and local life. Whether you actually want a person to manage your retired visa inside the Philippines, or you’re presented funding possibilities, the advent of a Filipino agency, or something else of this nature, we can help you. Feel loose to go to our web page list non-public land, seashores and islands on the market in Palawan. New merchandise to come very quickly.

Elnidotourism.com is the access point to Palawan Island. Contact us !A BIT OF HISTORY

The metropolis of El Nido (“the nest” in Spanish) is placed 238 km northeast of Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.

There had been human lines observed here courting from 2680 BC. Several fossils and funerary sites were discovered, and the most astonishing website is the cave of Ille in New Ibajay, about 15 km from El Nido. Bones from greater than eight,000 years in the past were located there by archaeologists.

In the 1800s, Spanish settlers observed this side of the island and determined to call it “Bacuit“. It is handiest in 1954 that the city received its modern-day name of “El Nido” because of the numerous suitable for eating nests of salanganes in the surrounding vicinity. These birds use the small cracks of the limestone cliffs to build their nests (bought by means of locals for about $3000 a kilo).A CULTURAL MIX

There nearly usually has been a sturdy migration to El Nido. There are individuals of the one of a kind ethnic companies of the Philippine islands, which includes Tagalogs, Visayans, or Bicolanos, in addition to Chinese, Spaniards, and a small quantity of Germans. Consequently, apart from Filipino, humans frequently speak English.

The economic system of El Nido is manifestly targeted on tourism, as several scuba diving websites are known everywhere in the global. There is likewise a few agriculture: coconut, cashew nut, banana, and mango are the maximum commonplace plants.A PROTECTED MARITIME TERRITORY

The biodiversity of Palawan is exceptional, and several animal species are endemic to the island. Unfortunately, this natural abundance is threatened through overfishing, deforestation, and pollutants. To combat these threats, the authorities has specific El Nido as a “included region”. This safety consists of a marine area of 360 square kilometers, the entire Bay of Bacuit (such as its islands), the land portion of El Nido, and part of Taytay. This area is referred to as the El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area. It is a great aspect that the Philippines protects this territory, since it carries precise fauna and flora. Several marine mammals endemic to Palawan stay there, consisting of the Irrawaddy dolphin and the dugong.

For extra data, visit the Official El Nido Municipal Tourism Office, and if you need to recognise why you want to come spend your excursion right here, simply test this video…

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