The Essentials

✓ Valid passport

✓ Boarding passes

✓ Covid journey bureaucracy

✓ Visa

✓ Insurance files

✓ Credit card/coins

✓ ID/Driving licence

✓ Foreign currency

✓ Medication/first useful resource

✓ Face masks

✓ Hand sanitiser

✓ KeysTravel Accessories

✓ Travel adaptors

✓ Children’s booster seats

✓ Sun cream

Quick-view Holiday Checklists

What sort of vacation do you’ve got deliberate?

Family vacation tick list



Baby wipes


Nappy converting bag

Tablets/analyzing cloth

Family-friendly games

Beach video games

Beach holiday checklist

✓ Beach towels


Sun cream


Insect repellent

Water bottle





Walking holiday checklist

Hiking poles

Hiking boots


Water bottle



Power financial institution



Food boxes


Holiday making plans and checklists

Avoid the strain and plan just like the exceptional.

Whether you are visiting abroad or staying in the UK, being organized is a amazing concept so use our vacation packing checklist to get things below control. We’ve put together lots of suggestions and hints that will help you get on your excursion with minimum pressure.

Check out our list of Best Travel Apps – our pinnacle selections will help you in the course of the making plans tiers of your holiday and at the same time as you are away.

Here are some things to think about earlier than you go:

Pre-excursion tick list:

✓ Check the date on your passport

✓ Check any visas or IDs you can want

✓ Check you’ve got an appropriate Covid documents

Check you have your masks and hand sanitiser

Buy excursion coverage

Keep a watch on the climate at your destination

Change forex/purchase a pre-paid forex card

Find out approximately nearby attractions

Research emergency scientific processes at your vacation spot (in particular touch numbers)

Check you are up to date on any jabs you would possibly want

Research locations to devour whilst you are on vacation, in particular if you have dietary requirements

Thinking about going away with the toddlers this yr? Make sure you take a look at our devoted UK faculty vacations page for all the data you want earlier than you e book your family getaway. Or if you’re considering making your get away over a financial institution vacation, check out our UK financial institution holidays web page.

Psssst! Hey, you, the vacation planner…

If you’re planning your vacation and seeking out an smooth way to look our first-rate offers then our app providing HEHA! (the Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant) is perfect for you. Let HEHA! do the hard paintings with the aid of sorting all our offers and tailoring them specially for you. Download our app now to look what guidelines HEHA! has for you, set price alerts and examine your bookings all in one vicinity.

Frequently Asked Holiday Checklist Questions

What are the maximum common holiday planning questions?

There’s a lot to reflect onconsideration on while you’re getting ready for a vacation, and no longer just what your first pool-side cocktail might be. We’ve prepare some of the maximum requested questions by way of holidayers to assist make certain you’re equipped to hit the beach, the slopes, or anywhere in among and make the most of your relaxation and relaxation time.

What should I now not overlook to %?

Is a purse classed as hand luggage?

Can you have got garments to your hand luggage?

How long does it take to get a passport?

Can I actually have a telephone charger in my hand baggage?

What isn’t always allowed in convey-on?

How a good deal must you p.c. for two weeks?

Is it better to roll or fold clothes?

How do I pick out a good suitcase?

Which is better: difficult case luggage or smooth?

Holiday Extras Travel Guides

Find your journey concept and plan a problem-unfastened journey.

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