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Right now, thousands of elephants around the sector are suffering inside the name of tourism. But it doesn’t must be this manner

Use our guide to discover the proper venue for you and for elephantsYou have the power to alternate the world for elephants.

The best region to see elephants is within the wild. But in case you’re going to visit an elephant venue, ensure it lets in elephants to be elephants, whilst instructing traffic on their complicated needs.

Share your revel in, leave reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, and be a part of the movement to create a better future for elephants.What’s in a name?

A venue may additionally call itself a sanctuary, rescue centre or retirement domestic for elephants, but don’t assume this indicates it’s higher welfare. Do your research earlier than booking and use our manual under to keep away from being misled.Looking to e book right away?

Take a observe our listing of elephant-friendly venues in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.

Only visit venues in which you may look, no longer touch.

Elephants are wild animals that belong in the wild. If a venue allows you to get near sufficient to journey, bathtub or touch them, it’s due to the fact they’ve been cruelly skilled.

If the elephants in a venue aren’t allowed to freely flow and explicit herbal behaviour, it’s not the place for you.

Elephants in the wild spend their days roaming long distances, grazing and socialising with different elephants, no longer restrained in small enclosures or compelled to carry out.

They might be cute, but if you may see or contact a toddler elephant, specifically with out its mum, then the venue isn’t elephant-friendly.

Baby elephants are tourist magnets, however authentic elephant-pleasant venues shouldn’t allow breeding. You shouldn’t be seeing young elephants, except for orphanages where babies are rescued from the wild.

Elephants ought to continually be dealt with with kindness and admire, and hooks shouldn’t be used except in a real emergency.

Being wild animals, captive elephants can be unpredictable and perilous, in particular if they are being crowded. Many tourists and mahouts are injured and killed every 12 months. Even in elephant-pleasant venues you’ll frequently see mahouts accompanying elephants at a distance, to keep anybody safe.

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Even with all the right facts, it could still be difficult to discover the right satisfactory practice venue

These venues provide the very best stage of take care of their elephants

ChangChill: better for elephants, better for tourism

We spent numerous years helping one venue, ChangChill, to come to be in reality elephant-friendly

A venue where elephants are unfastened to behave like elephants

With our support, that of the TUI Care Foundations, and the encouragement from a number of the sector’s leading tour businesses, ChangChill is now an area wherein elephants may be elephants, and travelers will have the respect of witnessing that. Visit the ChangChill website

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