Asia is home to one quarter of the planet’s landmass, and spans many time zones. A single travel guide for the entirety of Asia is almost impossible. Asia is just like every other continent is a vast continent. Here are some essential travel tips for some of the most popular nations in Asia.

The most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam comprise Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh City, both of which are modernized. Every tourist visiting Vietnam (except Thai or Philippine Nationals need a tourist visa before they can enter the country. In terms of health, malaria is very prevalent in Vietnam It is recommended to carry the anti-mosquito products to stop getting infected.

In addition to the normal prohibition against narcotics as well as deadly firearms, Radio cassette players are prohibited on Bali. Island of Bali, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Any item that has Chinese characters printed on itis banned in Bali.

Thai people are extremely religious and are extremely faithful to the monarchy. It is common to see images of the monarchy in the city, but never ridicule the king. The Thai also regard the head to be the most sacred portion of our body, either physical or spiritual. Avoid touching anyone in the head area, and avoid pointing at anything with your feet.

It is best to pack lightweight and cool clothes to Malaysia. It is common to find food vendors in the cities that sell local specialties, “teh tarik” a creamed tea, as well as “roti canai” which is a form of pancakes, are something you should try if you come across these. Malaysia is home to many different religions, it is typical to see many Christian congregations, Muslim Mosques and Buddhist and Hindu temples could be located in every city.

The Philippine contains 7,107 islands as well as islets. Beaches are among the most popular tourist attractions within the country. There are a variety of historical landmarks and museums in Manila the capital city of the Philippines. Boracay Island is the boast of the country , with white beaches.

Hong Kong is a key location for many tourists. It is situated on Eastern Asia, near China and the South China Sea. In the past, it was the territory was owned by Great Britain, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong offers diversity in terms of religion, culture and even lifestyles.

Chinese, (Cantonese) and English are the two official language in China. Foreigners planning to travel, should not have any issues exploring and getting to know the vibrant culture of the region, as English is widely spoken in this country.

Hong Kong dollar is the currency that is used in Hong Kong. One American dollar is roughly equivalent to seven Hong Kong dollars.
Hong Kong is known for its distinctive energy and delicious food and stunning skylines. Hong Kong offers many great high-end shopping areas that compete with the high-end streets of Shanghai, London and Paris. However, the most desirable spots to shop are the boutiques that are unique, and markets on the streets that show the beauty and distinctiveness of the city.

General Tips
Every nation located in Asia comes with its own unique currency, however, while high-end establishments can accept dollars, but there aren’t many of them available. It is recommended to get your money exchanged by a local financial institution. Certain hotels offer change of money, but typically with a lower rate of exchange.
As with any other decision that people make, it’s essential to be aware of the region they’ll be visiting in order to be familiar with the local laws, places of the top tourist destinations and the kinds of people they will have to contend with.
The idea of going to a location without even a glimmer of an notion of what it’s all about is as risky as going out into the wild with wild animals lurking all over and there’s no way to safeguard them.

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