Holiday Protection And Crime Prevention Recommendations

Facts and Figures:According to a take a look at titled The 2019 Package Theft Report: Porch Pirates and Prevention via, almost one in 4 U.S. adults (24%) say they’ve had a package stolen.1In 2019, excursion retail income in the United States had been forecast to quantity to approximately 729.3 billion U.S. greenbacks.236% of U.S. adults surveyed say they’ve sent a package somewhere apart from their home cope with, 54% say they’ve changed plans a good way to get hold of a package deal in individual, and almost seven in 10 stated they weren’t inclined to exchange up their online excursion buying behavior inside the face of package deal theft.3

​General Holiday Safety and Crime Prevention Tips

(Courtesy of the Knoxville Police Department)At HomeMake sure all doorways and windows have secondary locks (window pins, deadbolts, dowels, etc.) and use them!Don’t hide spare keys in mailboxes or planters, or under doormats.Ensure …