10 Excursion Fraud Prevention Hints – Fighting Excursion Fraud Financial Institution

Happy holidays from Cadence Bank! While we recognize how exciting the holiday season may be, we additionally apprehend the significance of staying fraud conscious. Keep your safety and security a concern at some point of the holiday season by using unwrapping our fraud prevention suggestions beneath. Fight vacation fraud with these guidelines:

Tip #1: The holidays are upon us, but before you get into vacation client mode, make sure your anti-virus software program is updated – it’s the exceptional manner to protect your laptop (and your facts) from malware. Same goes for cellular anti-virus software program in your phone. See our Holiday Online Shopping Flyer for different hints to prepare you for the season.

Tip #2: If the deal appears too good to be actual, it in all likelihood is. Criminals trap consumers with web sites that appearance legitimate and provide unbelievably low prices so one can seize your private …